The Technology Policy Assessment Center (TPAC) is a globally-leading center for data analytics for science and innovation in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

TPAC was pleased to co-host the 13th Global TechMining Conference along with the VP Institute on May 26, 2023 as a half-day in-person GTM Forum in Atlanta, GA immediately following the Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy. In November 2023, TPAC (technology policy and assessment center) and the VP Institute hosted the 4th virtual GTM (global tech mining) conference with a program of oral presentations, and a keynote address by Prof. Russel Funk, author of the much-discussed January Nature paper showing that papers and patents are becoming less disruptive over time. The conference showcased an international slate of young scholars working to advance understanding of research and innovation by applying the latest advanced AI tools to large patent and paper databases. TPAC postdoc Hyejin Jang presented her work with Diana Hicks on using sentence embedding to track text reuse in state level policy making for autonomous vehicles.