Public values in patents

In this project we investigate how public values are expressed in artificial intelligence (AI) research and innovation, what drives the emergence of those public values, and how public value expressions in AI are related to innovation developments, applications, and clusters. The work involves identifying and classifying public value expressions in US patent records using a large language model (GPT-4). We are extending this work to look at public values expressions in nanotechnology patents.


The results of this analysis (“How can generative language models be used for text mining in science & innovation policy analysis?” are available as a preprint at

A literature review on Artificial Intelligence and Public Values is also available at

Research Team

  • Philip Shapira
  • Barbara Ribeiro, SKEMA Business School, France
  • Sergio Pelaez (GT School of Public Policy, PhD Program)
  • Gaurav Verma (GT School of Computational Science and Engineering)

Alumni (GT Undergraduate Research Assistants, 2022-2023.

  • Christine Webster
  • Divali Legore